Eyes Got It! 2014


Gimme Five!


Open call for Austin and San Antonio artists September 19 – October 26
All artists over 18 years of age, living within 80 miles from the capitol or 80 miles from center of San Antonio are eligible.

$13 fee for 5 images. All media welcome. (Sorry! But I had to raise price to cover Wufoo processing fees.)

Eyes Got It! Online Submission Form

Panel of judges includes:

ROUND 1: Yes/Maybe/No voting. Each judge gets a vote.
ROUND 2: Judges will critique Top 10 semi-finalists and eliminate 6.
ROUND 3: Judges Q&A the final 4 artists in a “studio visit”. Judges deliberate and choose one winner.
(Finalists must be present for Round 3)

Grand Prize Winner will be introduced to Gallerist, Jill Schroeder of grayDUCK Gallery to plan their own solo exhibition in 2015!

The live Eyes Got It! event will take place 1-5pm, November 8th 2014 at EAST HQ, 1501 E 6TH ST (former Nuevo Leon restaurant).
The event might be livestreamed at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/eyes-got-it-an-art-competition

Eyes Got It! Online Submission Form
Now Live thru October 26th.

Thank you to our submission form sponsor, Big Medium!


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