Eyes Got It! 2010

In 2010, after being invited to curate a show at Pump Project and after reading about initial reactions to Work of Art, I decided to try my hand at making the review/critique process a little more public.

Working backwards I organized the grand prize solo show at Pump Project. Modeled after American Idol, I then invited three judges from the local arts industry; a gallerist, a curator, and an artist. With help from the folks at Big Medium I set up the open call and included the event during the East Austin Studio Tour.

But the runners-up needed some prizes as well. The arts community was happy to step in and support this experiment!

Jerry’s Artarama gift certificate
Domy Books gift certificate
Austin Museum Of Art guest passes
Blanton Museum of Art guest passes
Individual membership to Mexic-Arte
One year subscription to ArtLies
One select catalogue from AMOA
Family-level membership to Mexic-Arte
Friend-level membership to ArtLies
Individual Membership to Blanton Museum of Art
New Art Austin vol. 1-3 catalogues from AMOA
$95 gift certificate to Holland Photo
Innovator-level membership to Arthouse
Solo Show at Pump Project

Graciously, Space12 hosted the event on November 19th.

  • Rachel Koper
    Program Director,
    Women and Their Work
    Gallery Lombardi
  • Risa Puleo
    Assistant Curator, Contemporary Art,
    Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art
  • Sterling Allen
    Founding Member,
    Okay Mountain

The judges did a great job of sifting through the applicants, both online before the event and during the awkward silence of the evening. (For those present, yes, my disorganization made the awkwardness that much more uncomfortable.) Round 1 consisted of a Yes/Maybe/No voting system. Each judge voted on the artists, with a minimum of 2 Yes votes to continue to next round. 2 Maybes = 1 Yes. During the event, the judges used smiley face/neutral face/sad face signs to denote their vote.

Narrowing the list of artists down to 8 began Round 2. The judges discussed each artist and why they voted positively for them.

Round 3 was supposed to consist of a live critique with the Top 3 artists. Unfortunately none of the finalists were present. The judges went into further investigations of why these rose to the top. After deliberations, Chloe Yingst was selected as the winner of the Grand Prize!

Group Hug

Solo Show


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