Eyes Got It! 2012 Winners Circle

Another year of Eyes Got It! and another year of live critiques!

Our four judges reviewed the 49 submissions this year and identified the TOP 10:
Owen Drysdale
Noelle Fitzsimmons
Emma Hadzi Antich
Jaelah Keuhmichel
Caitlin McCollom
Aaron Meyers
Misa Rodriguez
Claude van Lingen
Jason Webb
Karen Woodward

After describing why these artists made it into Round 2, the judges put their head together to find the Top 4.
Aaron Meyers
Emma Hadzi Antich
Claude van Lingen
Jason Webb

While the Top 4 were getting “studio visits”, Hollie Brown, last year’s winner was looking for her favorite artist. Aaron Meyers was selected to exhibit work at Big Medium for the duration of EAST this year.

The judges emerged from the studio visits with the winner of Eyes Got It! 2012:
Congratulations to Jason Webb!

Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of Group Hug!!! curated by Jill Schroeder.


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